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Air Polish London

Looking for a quick boost to make your teeth look bright and clean? Well then why not visit us at The Finchley Dentist to brighten up your day

At The Finchley Dentist, we are aware that dentistry is full of terms and procedures that can be quite intimidating and the phrase ‘air polishing’ is one of those that can cause consternation.

Yet it should not. It is actually one of the most effective and safe treatments offered at our practice.

Air Polishing has been used for over 70 years and has become the most successful and popular way or eradicating stains from patients’ teeth.

So what exactly is it? How does Air Polishing work? Using a high-pressurised combination of water, air and powder, your dentist will aim into problem areas and in between the teeth where polishing and scaling cannot reach. This will help remove awkward surface stains such as tobacco, coffee and red wine, leaving your teeth looking sparkling.

The reason Air Polishing is so popular is because it is very versatile and nearly all patients are eligible to have the procedure.

While traditional scale and polish is a wonderful treatment for many people - and we will always be delighted to provide teeth polishing in old street - there are certain parts of the mouth, certain cavities, that does not respond adequately to that treatment. That is not the patient’s fault at all, they are just impossible to reach and and that is where Air Polishing comes to the rescue because it can be used far and wide on people with a variety of existing dental work.

Those with fillings, crowns, veneers and implants can all benefit from a thorough Air Polish and the gentle process causes no pain, does not take long and has wide and long-last benefits that can not only keep your teeth exceptionally clean but also exceptionally healthy.

Air Polishing is one of the best ways to ensure your long-term oral well-being and it can swiftly and happily transform your smile and self-confidence.