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Fresh breath & halitosis treatments

Nobody wants bad breath yet nobody can tell if they have it. Leave that to us at The Finchley Dentist……...........

Bad Breath And Halitosis Cures In London

The ironic thing about bad breath and halitosis is that the problem you want the least is also the problem you yourself cannot really detect. Nobody likes to think that they have bad breath yet, equally, detecting it personally is as good as impossible.

That’s the bad news. This is the good news: a cure for bad breath is quick, simple and very effective.

In the majority of patients, the cause of bad breath is usually mouth bacteria. These emit gases that are unpleasant for those around you and most people would be horrified to discover they themselves are giving off a bad smell.

The bacteria  - technically known as volatile sulfur compounds - can live on your tongue and oral cavities that are missed when brushing. Smoking can also bring its own problems when it comes to bad breath as harmful substances in cigarettes make the situation worse.


As mentioned, it is simple to cure bad breath and halitosis and The Finchley Dentist offer the most sympathetic and modern dental treatments in London.

The first step is to narrow down and identify what is causing the halitosis in the first place and we will then guide you through a regular brushing, flossing and cleaning practice that can eradicate the problem.

In most cases, that means just tightening up how you clean your teeth but we will also check that gum disease is not causing the issue but, if it is, our brilliant hygienist team will help remove any harmful bacteria and advise you on staying bacteria-free.

Using a recommended mouthwash - those that list chlorine dioxide in the active ingredients - is a further step that can help ensure your smile and breath are remembered for all the right reasons.

When greeting friends, discussing your latest work project, kissing your partner or hugging your family, the last problem you want to have to worry about is whether or not you have bad breath and The Finchley Dentist is dedicated to you and your oral wellbeing.