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Teeth whitening at home: Tray based whitening in London - just £199

Teeth whitening will help change your smile and can improve your self confidence.

Home-based teeth whitening: Tray based whitening in London

One of the most popular treatments at The Finchley Dentistl is home-based teeth whitening and we are delighted to offer Enlighten ® and Boutique ® whitening techniques. Both use super-sealed trays which are the secret to comprehensive whitening and deep bleaching.

Both products are extremely popular and offer the very best in home bleaching. They are consistent, easy to apply and they provide guaranteed results time after time with B1 whitening the goal that we at The Finchley Dentist aim to assist with.

Tray based whitening is a far simpler process than it sounds and the dentists will take impressions of your teeth before making custom super-sealed trays. The patient will then wear these custom trays at home overnight for approximately two weeks. There will be two sets of trays, one for the upper teeth and one for the bottom and they can be worn at the same time to make the bleaching process as simple as possible.

Whitening teeth at home can offer a more flexible approach without frequent visits to the practice and it gives the patient more control over the shade of their teeth.

Any sensitivity can be easily managed with Enlighten ® formulas which can help reduce any minor issues caused by the whitening.

Not everybody has the time or inclination to come into a dental practice for teeth whitening and that means home-based teeth whitening offers them the most efficient and cost-effective treatment available.