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Dental hygiene London

Dental hygiene services offered by our qualified and friendly dentists in East Finchley London can keep your teeth and gums clean, healthy and sparkling

Dental Hygienist Services In London

When Ash is asked - frequently! - what the one single thing people can do to help prolong and protect their oral health, his answer is always the same and he says it as emphatically as ever: “prevention, prevention, prevention.”

And the best way to prevent problems occurring with your gums is to brush and floss twice daily. However, nobody lives in a perfect world and occasionally gum disease will present itself and will require the assistance and advice of a dental professional.

Gum disease affects over 60 percent of the population at some time in their lives and can lead to unsightly bleeding, loose teeth and, in worst case scenarios, the eventual loss of a precious tooth.

There are many brands on the high street that claim to be able to prevent gum disease and there is no denying that they go a long way to stopping an epidemic of gum disease across London and the country as a whole.

Corsodyl® is perhaps the most well-known treatment available over the counter but perhaps it is worth considering that if it is worth spending money on medicines to solve the problem, it is almost certainly also worth investing in a trip to The Finchley Dentist to get the situation resolved once and for all. After all, taking care of your teeth is one of the best and most pain-free long-term investments you will ever make.

The cornerstone of our care is the idea that we want to spot hygiene issues early enough to stop them from becoming a painful problem later on.

One of the most frustrating aspects of gum disease is that it is entirely curable and preventable if it is identified, caught and treated before it can cause further headaches, such as periodontitis.

In other words we are here to help you stop a minor problem from becoming a major pain.