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Orthodontic treatment aims to straighten your teeth and can improve the appearance of your smile. It will also aid in a healthy mouth by helping reduce crowding and misalignments that cause dental plaque accumulation.

Whats is involved in Orthodontic treatment?

Before embarking on Orthodontic treatment we must do a comprehensive examination of you mouth and jaw muscles, take models, pictures, x-rays and discuss what we hope to achieve prior to starting treatment. We will discuss a variety of of orthodontic systems and tailor one to your needs.

Benefits of Orthodontic treatment

After completing treatment you can expect an improvement in the appearance and the overall alignment of your teeth. By straightening your teeth it will make it easier for you to clean and floss your teeth correctly thus improving your dental health.

Can Orthodontics damage my teeth?

Your dental cleaning must be adequate during treatment as a inadequate cleaning regime can lead to problems. These problems can manifest in the way of dental caries and periodontal disease. These change can be irreversible so good dental hygiene is a must.