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Enlighten in London - from £575

The best in teeth whitening. Enlighten guarantee B1 or your money back!



Enlighten teeth whitening gel is one of the strongest and most effective teeth whitening gels available today. It provides a wonderfully consistent service that can whiten teeth by up to 16 shades with a success rate of 98 percent.

One of Enlighten’s biggest benefits is that the gels used are neutral pH, meaning that they help to provide low-sensitive treatment. They are also provided bespoke and in small numbers, meaning quality control remains high throughout the treatment.

Essentially, Enlighten’s teeth whitening lightening gel active compound, hydrogen peroxide, reacts with urea on the surface of the tooth and that breaks down and removes staining from the inner tooth. All of this occurs swiftly and with very little inconvenience to the patient. Patients using Enlighten will need to wear custom-made trays overnight, or a for a few hours a day, for a fortnight before requiring a one-hour follow-up appointment to assure you are happy with the treatment and the new-found shade of your teeth.

If you decide to use Enlighten, one of the major additional bonuses is that the treatment is effective - and remains effective - regardless of your dietary requirements or tastes.

Red wine and tobacco are just two of the substances that can all adversely stain your teeth but once you’ve undergone the Enlightment treatment, there is absolutely no reason to stop enjoying a glass of wine or changing your diet; Enlighten will work, and will remain active for a very long time.

Patients at The Finchley Dentist expect and demand the very best procedures and we aim to offer our clients everything they need to regain and recover a winning smile. As a result, we recommend Enlighten because we know it will produce fantastic results time and time again within a budget and timeframe that suits even the busiest of clients.

Enlighten teeth whitening in London has never been easier and we guarantee that an Enlighten teeth whitening home kit will transform your smile and self-confidence.